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SharpStone Grinder Review

About six months ago I bought myself a 5-piece SharpStone grinder from ebay user HippieKid23. At a reasonable price it came out to $29 with shipping. The grinder hasn’t jammed, required cleaning or even dulled since I received it. My last grinder was a noname brand I bought at a street vendor for $40 and was only four pieces and the kief catcher caught more than just kief. ssgrinder-005 What I liked instantly about the SharpStone grinder was that the bottom kief catcher had smaller metal woven netting so it caught only the finest kief (the strong sh!t).

The quality of the grinder is very exceptional ALTHOUGH I have found pieces of the metal woven netting in my ground up bud on occasion. The pieces I found weren’t broken, but overhanging pieces that weren’t taken off properly in the assembly of it. That is my only complaint on the entire product. The SharpStone is the best economical Space Case type grinder on the market. Of course if your going to spring for an $80 grinder you end up paying more for the name.


  • Does the job, and does it well
  • Bottom Kief Catcher is GREAT!!!
  • Grinder remains sharp after hundreds of uses
  • Large compartment for holding bud
  • Comes with a mini-brush to sort the kief out and a small bag to hold the grinder
  • Grips on the top and bottom and of the grinder so you can open it easily without cutting yourself on corners


  • Occasionally find metal wire netting in bud.. not a big deal, but something you have to pick out yourself cause you definitely don’t want to smoke aluminum.
  • The kief catcher before the bottom most one fills up quickly and blocks access to the bottom layer so you may not always get 100% of the fine kief unless you clear it regularly.


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  1. Thanks for your honest and accurate review of the sharp stone grinder

  2. I got one of these recently. He sent me a 4 piece instead of 5 piece. It’s the anodized aluminum 1 (darker). So far my only thing is… why didn’t I buy one of these a long time ago?

  3. Oh and it is a huge help when you want to make some good hash.

  4. I also bout something from ebay user HippieKid23. I bought a combo that they had advertised, Clear top Sharpstone and a Pollen Press. This was only a couple of months ago and I have already used my press… They were also out of the size of Grinder I ordered, but they emailed me and gave me and upgrade to the next size up. To say the least, I am Loving my Sharpstone… Almost more than my girlfriend.

  5. hats not a real sharpstone grinder. the TM is a dead give away. The authentic ones have a small r logo. Its not a real one.

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