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illadelph 5-Hole Glass Spoon Bowl Review

Since 2002 illadelph has been making high quality glassware, and their 5-hole Spoon proves to be an attractive and durable smoking bowl.  For those not familiar with the company illadelph, they are known for producing high quality hand-made borosilicate glass water bongs in the United States. Every piece is handled personally by the company’s owner and inspected for any flaws before the name goes on the product.  In this review we will be looking at what separates the illadelph bowl from a typical bowl.

For starters, the illadelph 5 hole spoon feels extremely sturdy. Illadelph distinguishes itself by keeping durability in mind. If you examine the glass joints you will notice special engineering techniques employed by them in an effort to make the piece most durable. I’ve broken my fair share of bowls and water bongs so when I picked up the illadelph 5 hole spoon I immediately knew it would be exceptionally difficult to break.

Another special thing about this piece is that when resting upright it doesn’t roll, behaving as an actual spoon would. Illadelph’s recommended price for their spoon is $100- although in some areas you may find them priced much higher based on sheer demand. When we went comparison shopping for this piece, we were most surprised to find almost obvious counterfeits. This is where we got to take a look at the knock-offs and point out discrepancies that separate counterfeit from real illadelph spoon

1-      The counterfeits were significantly smaller in height, width and depth they felt like a much inferior product when held in comparison with the real thing.

2-      The 5 holes were in completely different spots than the real one. Or they weren’t holes at all and just thin slits.

3-      The illadelph logo was faded and not completely filled in like a cheap decal that left sticky residue on the glass.

illadelph implemented a new method to aid its consumers and prevent purchase of counterfeits, and this method so far has not been reproduced by the counterfeiters. Look for:

1-      Genuine illadelph products come in an illadelph insignia-branded white & grey box lined with foam padding. The counterfeit comes only in an oversized brown box filled with brown paper.

2-      Illadelph has implemented a QR code for scanning at the time of checkout to verify you are purchasing from an authorized reseller of illadelph. (demonstrated in our video review)

Enjoy our video review below where we show off the piece in action and demonstrate how to avoid purchasing a counterfeit.

illadelph 5-hole Spoon Review and QR Code Demo


Special thanks to illadelph for putting the power back in the consumers hands by being the first to innovate the authorized reseller QR code system to keep dishonest head shops from selling counterfeit illadelph glass.

421Flavors gives the illadelph 5-hole spoon a HIGH rating and highly recommends this glass piece. To find an authorized retailer of illadelph glass products visit their official webpage: http://www.illadelphglass.com

Review Overview

Quality - 9.5
Airflow - 9


High Quality scientific borosilicate glass with amazing airflow. High-ly recommend to anyone on the market for a sturdy pipe.

User Rating: 3.52 ( 11 votes)

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