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Stoner Meme Photo Gallery

Recently I’ve become quite attached to the stoner dog, philosoraptor meme, Pot Memes, Stoner Guy Meme, ten guy and bachelor frog memes that appear on sites like reddit.com/r/trees reddit.com/r/marijuana reddit.com/r/pics and 4chan

Here are a few of my favorite stoner memes, weed memes and marijuana memes.. please submit any you would like included in the gallery to @420_report via twitter.


  1. Effin-A Right. Down right relatable too.
    Specially loved “Shits cashed dude…. but you can try lol!”
    Im always hearin that shit ๐Ÿ˜›

  2. Oh and I was first bahaha

  3. Awesome! Some funny/true statements. Paranoid parrot kills me!!

  4. AMAZING!!!! This is incred.

  5. Lol those are all soooo true!!!

  6. OMG SO FKING FUNNY!!!!!! and true!

  7. “look for phone for 5 minutes.. with light from phone”
    brb. loling forever.

  8. “Have a great idea then stand up and FORGET.”

  9. rofl “shits cashed dude… but you can try”! best one up there

  10. The visit my parents for christmas = tolerance break is so true. bravo whoever did this and the picard set a course for weed just tops it off!!!

  11. I have thought almost every one of those things at least ten times!

  12. call someone, start doing laps around room for some reason!! i always do that and i dont know whyy!! hahaha

  13. Too funny…Ma always calls after a doob & asks “Is everything all right, honey?”

  14. I always hit the bowl and hold it forever! lol This was awesome, had me cracking up the whole time. I was reading them off to my mom and she was getting a kick out of it too….ahhhh pot headslol

  15. Drop something
    Attempt kick save

    F-ing priceless. I cant even explain how many times i do this, especially when the lighters on my lap and i get up after smoking a bowl. KickSave attempt and fail. Only once has it worked, and when i say “worked” i mean kept from hitting the ground, but instead kicked strait into my friends face. Either way, hilarious shit

  16. need. more. memes.

  17. hilarious and so true cant tell you how slow ive chewed them dam chips but it jus dont matter

  18. I feel like everything in my life is already written.

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