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The How High am I Test

We created this test to help weed newbies and hardcore smokers come up with a level that describes “How High Am I?”  or  “AM I High?” Through Quiz questions when you’re trying to explain your level of highness to somebody else.

Often people choose to exaggerate their level of highness skewing the scale we hold sacred [1] through [10] — our scale goes a little over 10 but only in humor. A [10] is the hardest level to reach from simply smoking and usually can only be reached through concentrate and edible goods. This test is Noob and pro friendly alike only 9 questions needed to gauge your level on the how high scale.

Feel free to use the “How High Test” to figure out how high a friend is or how high you have gotten in the past. Just share the test to keep the good vibes going. Also after you take the test use the How High Scale to find out what your number means and if we were able to accurately pin down How High you were from the test.

The Official How High Am I Test:

Disclaimer: Do not use these test results to gauge your ability to do any safety endangering activity like driving, heavy lifting  or leaving the house while under the influence of marijuana. For best results, take the test, share it, grab some food from the fridge and play some music.

Your Score:  

Your Level:  

The  r/trees How High Are you Scale

The Levels of Highness Scale

bonus: Star Wars Scale of Highness



  1. Why don’t you make an app out of it?
    You can make money from its ads as well!
    Great idea, ha? I am high 😀

  2. I’m not sleepy

  3. it says im not high

    even though i just somoked a shit ton

    • I’m high as a kite rn and I am number 10 on the scale and think about this question next time you are high think of being asked “Are you not to high to smoke?” *think about it

  4. Crap I’m high a hell

  5. Where should I start the test?

  6. That was ur plan guuuuys,that im stac on this website iknoooow

  7. i am so high righs now i dont know what i am doing

  8. Everytime I get high I get uber Horny lol I don’t know why tho lol.

  9. High what is that high?

  10. Whattttt it says I’m 0 high and I can taste colors right now, don’t tell me to get more high the air is already thick like jello

  11. Still high af hahaha

  12. it don’t tell me how high i am

  13. i’m too high lol i got 12/11

  14. I wanna be in this toooo

  15. Says im not high even though i judt smoked a whole 500mg dab pen with 1 other person??
    Fuck this shit im tireddd?
    Also i’d love some moistness on me mouth ?
    Also wtf when i close my eyes i feel like im on a rocket flying through soace dodging asteroids. Can anyone relate?????? Like it feels like a really shitty nintendo 64 game or something.

  16. “No i just wanted tofeel coill??

  17. this not water this that sprit

  18. Just FYI level 13 turns you into: Seth Rogan, Snoop Dog, or Cheech and Chong

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