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Coolest Homemade Bongs

This post is dedicated to all the stoners who have took something of limited use and turned it into a functional smoking device..

DISCLAIMER: If you attempt to build one of these on your own make sure the parts you are using can withstand high heat without vaporizing. You don’t want to inhale plastic… that leads to all sorts of bad stuff in the long run.

Now let the fun begin:

The Mannequin Bong – by far the most sought after cutie of em all.. you inhale the smoke out of her mouth.. Sexy or just creepy? Don’t take her out of the basement.

mannequin-bong1 mannequin-bong2 mannequin-bong3 mannequin-bong4 mannequin-bong5

The gatorade bottle bong – The most reproduced bong, there seems to be a lot of different flavors of it..


gatorade-percolatorA six tree percolator gatorade bong.. Definitely not safe to smoke out of. But cool to look at!



This ones got some snazzy LED lighting in it..


That’s a whole lotta percolators!



CoCa-Cola is gonna be happy seeing their bottles used as a bong here..


Sobe bottle + Pipe = Bong


Pom bottle bong




You know she’s saying, “Smoke me”






Beaker Bottle Improvised Bong – now that’s smart

Last but not least is a homemade bong made from a piece of oak, pictures 1-4 show  it go through the build.

oak-bong1 oak-bong2 oak-bong3 oak-bong4

Interested in making your own homemade bong after the inspiration? Check out these tutorials on the GrassCity forums: Make a bong from a vaseSmart Bottle Inline Bong – Got your own to submit? Drop us a comment

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  1. need directions for those new joiners that are tryen to learn a thing or to

  2. Dude, Thats sweet!!!

  3. yoooo these are some sick bongs. do you have any pictures of bongs that are not only easy top make but easy to get rid of? that would be even better cause i always have to get rid of my shit so my parents dont find it…….

  4. How to make a Bong:

    You need:
    -A water bottle. I like using a bottle for airsoft BB’s though. Any kind of plastic container, basically.
    -A pen
    -A small socket wrench head.
    -Adhesive such as chewing gum, electrical tape, play dough, whatever.

    1.Take your plastic container and either drink what’s inside, pour it out, or if it isn’t something you drink, pour it into a different container or throw it away.
    2.Take the scissors and poke two holes in it. One near the top somewhere along the side of the bottle, and one about three quarters of the way down, towards the bottom, somewhere on the side. Turn the scissors around a little bit to make the holes circular and big enough for a pen to go in. If you’ve ever played a recorder in elementary school, that’s about how big the holes need to be.
    3. Take the pen apart. Melt one side of the plastic casing not to burn it, but to be able to jam the socket wrench head in it. When the plastic cools, this makes the socket wrench have a long pipe on the end.
    4. Jam the pen side of your pipe through the lower hole of the water bottle.
    5. Take the cap off of the water bottle if you haven’t already.
    6. Use any gum or playdough you might have to make it air tight except for the mouthpiece, and the carburetor hole.

    To use:
    1. Fill with water past where the pen side of the pipe sits in the bottom of the bottle. You don’t need a lot of water, but more means cooler smoke. If you prefer, and I do, try to make the water as cold as possible, or add in some mint extract, or maybe throw in some ice if you can fit it in the bottle. It’s awesome.
    2. Pack your bowl full of tobacco, or whatever you’re smoking.
    3. Light your lighter, put your mouth around the top of the bottle, and put your finger on the hole at the top.
    4. Inhale until the bowl is completely cleared if you can, or just inhale as much as possible.
    5. Just before you’re done hitting it, take your finger off of the carb hole at the top as to clear the bong of smoke.
    6. Wait about 5 seconds, exhale.
    7. Repeat forever and every day.


  5. ive made them in drum sticks if ur a drummer they are great um,corks linking loges u can use even stuff straight from hardware store lowes and them places almost any thing u can use u just need a drill

  6. Made a 6 footer from a 1.5 liter pom bottle for bout 20 bucks total. Would love to send you guys a pic; see what you think.

  7. LMFAO!!!!!! What happened to the days when you didn’t need instructions to make a simply smoking device? LOL, does common sense not exist anymore?

  8. Hey I got a photo of my dynamic duo, how can I post it up on here?

  9. Lexington Corvallis

    Tee-hee-hee. These bongs suck! Or, whatever. You want something never seen before on or at any smoke site, festival, etc.? Then let me know where you can forward a pic of what I do.

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