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homemade gavel pipe
Homemade Judge's Gavel Pipe

Cool Homemade Pipe of the Day

Cool Homemade Smoking Pipe

The Gavel Pipe

The story behind this judges gavel goes as follows..

My neighbor was a judge for a majority of his life.. Wasn’t a friendly dude, but had very nice children. When he died, his daughter was throwing stuff out and asked if my fam if we wanted anything  before she threw it out. He had an abundance of judge gavels for some reason so I figured I could tinker around and make myself a pipe. After a few tried we got it down pat. Check this out!!!

submitted via Twitter to 42o_Report

homemade gavel pipe
Homemade Judge’s Gavel Pipe

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  1. thatz fukin badass……..

  2. Order! Order in my dome!

  3. court is ajourned after one good swat of the gavel !!

  4. I want this to be the gavel used when they legalize it, lmao. Judge could take a hit right after they legalize it

  5. This is the coolest pipe ever. I would smoke this on the courthouse steps. 420 For life.

  6. Looks like cool and stylish pipe. I would love to smoke with this one.

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