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Things You Never Knew You Could Smoke Out of Like a Bowl or Bong

“You give a bunch of stoners some weed and nothing to smoke it out of and suddenly they all become engineers”



Fruits and vegetables taking on an entirely new purpose. Because you’d rather get your apple a day in than turn that into a bowl again. Banana bong is quite creative.

baby-carrot-bowl-prosdodWho knew you could turn a baby carrot into a one-hitter?


Ever been so desperate you made a bowl out of a carrot and red pepper? (Cause reddit user an_otter has)


A water melon weed bowl!


A potato bowl is a little bit more original.


“Don’t eat that easter bunny bro!! We could use that as a bowl!” said reddit user MuttonTheChops

bowl-made-from-frozen-pizza-dough-Sonofcar4Sonofcar4 made this bowl out of pizza dough and then froze it. Aptly titled ‘the pizza shop now has a bowl’


A coconut bong, a grape vine bowl and a bowl made out of a cannabis plant stalk (smoking it’s own flowers.. AHHH!! CANNABALISTIC Smoke Sesh!!)


Ahoy!! A smoke filled boat in a glass bottle bowl. Nifty.

wild-goosechase-nintendo-bowl-gunA nintendo NES Zapper gun bowl complete with auto-lighter.


nintendope-420-n64-controller-pipeNintendo 64 Controller Bowl

Award for most creative bowl goes to the jet fighter pilot helmet bong:


pill-bottle-bongA Working Pill Bottle Bong (we do not recommend using any plastic in your homemade bongs)

I saved the glass bottle bongs for last. Albeit creative these are expected and pretty easy to replicate.

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