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Homemmade Pipe Bongs

Easy To Make Homemade Bong of the Day

Homemmade Pipe Bongs

Another Homemade Bong with 1 hitter pipe in it

Easy to Make Homemade Bongs

woohoo they’re finally here!! so.. a friendly guy who wanted to remain anonymous submitted these. He took some 1 hitters and downstem pipes and put them inside plastic bottles he cut holes into. Added a rubber stopper to make it extra leak proof. This ones a surefire good hitter from the looks of it.

DISCLAIMER: Don’t try this at home. Plastics can burn and have harmful toxic effects

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  1. bongs like these are made all the time in the u.k, iv had loads of these bongs we call them shottie bottles in uk tho 😛 im riding with a glass bong and a plastic black leaf now 🙂 but woah those were the days

  2. take an ordinary 1 gallon milk jug
    cut the bottom off as low as you can go and keep it straight …
    duct tape the edges nice and clean a few times thick
    now fit it to your face with handle facing down
    try it on for size might need more tape to complete sealing
    now grab handle and find a good place to make your carb hole (with thumb )
    now gently make a carb hole in the handle
    not too big ! fit it on and take a few breaths !!

    take the lid and make a small hole in the center of the lid
    place your favorite herbal smoke(rolled prefered) in the lid hole and light it and …
    take a draw till smoke fills chamber before your eyes
    and count back from 3 ….2…..1….. let go of carb !!! seee yaaaa !!!

    i call it the “milk man mask”
    have fun responsible adults !!

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