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Extra Finely Ground vs. Regular Grind
Extra Finely Ground vs. Regular Grind Vaporized Bud

The answer to: What can you do with vaporized marijuana?

The key to saving bud for re-use later is to never overheat it. You’ll know you over-heated instantly from the near-death choking experience that subsequently follows such a little smoking plume.

So what can you do with this now brownish colored vaporized bud?

1) Edibles: You can turn it into cannabutter using the recipe here! With cannabutter one can put up to 10 grams of vaporized bud into 1 stick of butter (being mindful of the potency of the bud being used, there is roughly 30-40% of that unburnt THC in the vaporized marijuana).

Once the cannabutter has hardened in the fridge I do a betty crocker chocolate chip cookie recipe which uses their mix and that 1 stick of butter. You can do any recipe that requires butter. The possibilities extend as far as butter uses (buttering bread, pasta butter sauce, etc). The key is to avoid the butter from losing potency, do not heat the butter over 375 degrees farenheit because as you already know, it vaporizes at that point.

2) Bubble Hash Oil: One can also use high percentage (90%+) Isopropyl Alcohol to create a Hash Oil from the vaporized marijuana. Simply use the finest grind you can on the vaporized bud and then combine it with Iso alcohol and allow some time to dissolve.

3) Tincture: Medicinal patients choose this method most. It involves using a very high proof drinking alcohol.. Preferably EverClear 190 proof. Combine it with as much vaporized bud to achieve the desired potency. Ideally an eye-drop of alcohol to get you lifted is most medicinal tincture makers goal. Some people directly store their vaporized bud in jar filled with alcohol so they allow time for the grass to ferment into the alcohol. 30 days

Frequently Asked Questions regarding uses for Vaporized Marijuana / Weed / Bud / Ganja

Q) Can you smoke vaporized marijuana?
A) Yes but think and long and hard before you do it because depending on the level of brownness (compared to the original color) the potency and tastes have burned out, it will burn fast and inconsistently in a joint. Truths be told, the taste is disgusting.. But if the vaporized bud is still somewhat green and somewhat moist or flexible it is still potent enough to get somewhat high from (for people with vapes that don’t work!!!). If it crumbles entirely, don’t even think about it. But if your vape fails to heat your plant matter, hope is not lost for you.

Q) What’s the best way to store vaporized weed?
A) Any resealable bag works. Store in a cool dark place out of direct sunlight.



  1. thank you kindly , just bought the Volcano Vaporizer and still got greenish browned goodness- i knew thered be something to do with it , question tho…
    What can be done with the above described ‘Bubble Hash Oil’ , is that something thats smoked or used in food preparation?

  2. You can also get a food processor grind it up in flour and use it to make brownies or some other pastry.

  3. Kali Kola, that is not true

  4. thank you very much, oh wise one. this information will be put to great use :]

  5. Cool, I generally reuse my vaped weed by rolling emergency joints out of them…

    They generally come in handy when I need to medicate, and don’t have my vaporizer. Or when I simply run out of fresh weed.

    My friends have smoke the vaped joints and they don’t complain. In fact, they say they got really high from them.

  6. Isopropyl alcohol is poisonous.
    Is it not?

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