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Twas’ The Night before 4/20

‘Twas the night before 4/ 20, when all through society
Not a pothead was stirring, no reason for anxiety;
The kush was all ground, and rolled with such care,
For others may come, and I must be prepared;
The stoners asleep all comfy on the couch,
No cause for alarm, they probably passed out;
And Mary with her kief box, and I with some papers,
Giggling like school children, inhaling THC vapors.
When from not far away there arose sound of bubbles
I stumbled from bed to see what caused the trouble,
Away in the shed I glimpsed smoke-filled light,
As if Cheech and Chong had been toking all night
I put my bong down, as worry turned to dismay
And I wondered if my glazed eyes had led me astray,
When, what to my curious nose should arrive
But, a scent o’ so potent, which words can’t describe,
With a haze through the garden, so skunky and thick
That I heard my nose, pleading, “please, don’t be a trick!”
More fragrant than juicy fruit, its odor did proclaim,
I had to appeal for a hit of that strain;
“Hey toker! And, smoker! And Bill and Ted!
And bumout! And, hippie! And stoner and pothead!
To the beanbag in the den! To the hotbox down the hall!
Letโ€™s toke up! Toke up! Toke up one and all!’

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  1. you wrote that? if yes that’s awesome, you should start rappin’ or somethin ๐Ÿ™‚

    peace out!

  2. Earth, wind, fire and bongwater unite! This is nice, well done.

    • my bro and i once found out that the bong is perfect because it brings together all 4 elements. bud is earth, wind is your breath, fire is your fire, and the water in the bong makes it all complete

  3. great! i like it very much…maybe because i can find myself in it ๐Ÿ˜‰

    definitely “peace out”!!

  4. dude that sounded exactly like a christmas story!
    At least the voice the read it to me in my mind!

  5. oh man i love it lol LIKE

  6. bloody wicked mate

  7. Walking around, the cannabis tree, have a happy holiday. Everyone tokin merely becease its 420 today!

  8. Well done. Well done.

  9. I don’t smoke weed…but damn that was great poem.

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