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Jamullah Herb Grinder Review

A few weeks ago I got my Jamullah grinder in the mail, I’ve been testing it out since. It came neatly packaged in a discrete brown box, with a sheet of paper stating that the grinder must be thoroughly cleaned before use. The grinders made of aluminum, so it’s fairly light, and the grinder pieces are quite sharp, but not enough to cut your fingers.. that’s a good or bad thing depending on how ya look at it. The holes for ground up nug are very small so the final ground up product is shredded to bits. This can be a hassle if your using somewhat wet herb and it may take 20-30 spins (yes.. we counted) before all the herb goes down.

It’s a standard 4-piece grinder with one of the newer features of other grinders which is the plastic ring (aka O-Ring) between the top lid and grinder head to allow easy lifting on and off without getting sticky icky herb preventing you from opening and closing it. My only problem with the plastic ring on this is that the plastic on the Jamullah grinder hasn’t been fully smoothed so it’s got a lot of rough spots on the ring, if you’ve got a big thumb, you’ll feel the rough edges of the plastic O-Ring on every grind.. The kief screen works flawlessly and better than most others I’ve experienced. It only catches very fine pieces, and the little shovelesque sifter helps ya gather it together. The grinder can be found on at the official Jamullah Grinder website. The pictures were taken after a single weeks usage.


Only $14 (prolly the best value on the market)
Great kief catcher
Sharp shredders on grinder piece
2.6″ fits a lot of herb into 1 grinding sessions


Rough edges on plastic O-Ring felt with every grind
Very small holes for nug, means more grinding required

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