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Snoop Dogg and Willie Nelson have a Smoke Off

What a great picture.. Wonder how it ended.. or maybe.. it’s still going on.  Now stop chiefing it Willie and pass that shiz!!!
Willie Nelson and Snoop Dog Smoke Off

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  1. What I would give to have a smoke off of my own! that would be stupendus sizzle my patizzle…..

  2. love this pic !!!!

  3. Wish i was in that room! 🙂 Classic!

  4. Erin @ Pass a Drug Test

    Seriously funny pic. Went to a Snoop Dog concert once. Had to wait 45 mins between the opening act and Snoop. Can only imagine how much was smoked during that 45 minutes!

  5. Love it! Who says Country andf Rap dont go together?!

  6. Love it legalize to of the most succesful ppl I can think of n all they do is get high weed is not a bad thing legalize it !!!!!!!!!! Wiilie n snoop kick ass

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