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Medical Marijuana Grow and Packaging Facility – Medi-Cone Facility Tour (Pictures)

«Medi-Cone» – a greenhouse and a plant for the production of cannabis in Marin County.  «United Food & Commercial Workers Union»  Employees of the company «United Food & Commercial Workers Union» produce marijuana cigarettes to satisfy the demand for medical marijuana in California. (Michael Allen Jones)

The cannabis at this facility is grown indoors for early stages of it’s life and when weather permits it is grown in outdoor/greenhouse to cut down on electricity and optimize growth.

Medical marijuana has recently gained momentum in California with it’s intended full legalization coming after voting for Proposition 19 in November, 2010.

The Marijuana must be carefully trimmed to remove harsh tasting stems and leaf before grinding to create the pre-rolled joints.

The marijuana nuggets are ground into fine pieces and then carefully poured into individual cone shaped joints.

Cone joints then have their tops twisted shut and the ends clipped

Joints are then individually packaged in crush & smell proof packaging for easy usage by the patient.

Medi-Cone is distributed and sold throughout the state of California. The company pays taxes on all income generated and this is a great example of how the market place for cannabis will change as cannabis becomes legal in other states.

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  1. Those nugs look like crap. Plus look at all the pointless packaging for one joint. Don’t learn from experience, pre-rolled joints are how dispensaries get rid of lesser quality bud, buy nugs.

    • Did you even read the article? This is about a growing and packaging facility. Not “lil flip and Shanikwa’s medi-marijuana rip off” dispensary.

    • I’ve burned some dif medicones before- first, they are very cool, the packaging , etc. good sized & I liked the way they smoke ! I wondered how they made these- also true -alot of Shops- grind the remainder of a jar of bud and roll that- Bottom line, i like em’

  2. I live in So. Cal. Can you tell me where I may purchase Medi Cones?

  3. I loved reading this! Thanks 🙂

  4. I liked these and didn’t think the quality was poor. I did think they were a bit pricey and wish they would do a bulk sale at a discount. And, not too sure how well these will hold up in storage. Certainly convenient!!

  5. We are looking to stock medi cones. How do we get in contact with them?

  6. These cones are great, super stoney high and lasted for a good 2 and a half hours. Great quality.

  7. Matt always seems like a cool dude. These medicones are inferior products though.

  8. are there any dispensaries in marin county that sell medi-cones?
    Some one at the Cannabis show in Oakland told me about them.

  9. love medi cones !!!!!!!!straight up wish i had that tray in the picture has my jaw on the ground in awwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. These medi cones do look like its the bottom of the bag stuff. To me it didn’t look like top quality buds. I don’t know about others but when I purchase my bud I like to see it in its true form. That way you can see if it is covered in trichomes or is made up of mostly sugar leaves and other factors.

    But none the less its a good idea. If someone needs to get some medication quick and don’t have the time to buy it, roll it and smoke it, it be great. So there is a market for it.

  11. get it to the uk an ill love it even more……..

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