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Volcano Classic Vaporizer Review

Let me be blunt. No vaporizer does a better job of filling said bag of fun than the Volcano vaporizer. I can only rave.

Go ahead, call me an elitist snob. I know the price tag is by no means pocket change…but I will put my stoner status on the line for the Volcano. It will fuck you up, and you will love it.

The Volcano definitely gives credence to the old adage “you get what you pay for.” When friends come to sit tee-pee style around my Volcano, they know their vape session won’t disappoint. Nobody says no to the Volcano.

My review pertains to the Volcano Classic, equipped with the Solid Valve set. I know there’s a digital Volcano, and there’s another valve set called EZ Valve, but I opted for neither.

My motivation behind what I went with:
The selling point for the Digital is its “precise [temperature] control.” While the Classic has a rotary knob and dial, the Digital features an LED screen that “tells you” the temperature at which your cannabis is being vaporized. Personally, I could care less about this feature, and I’ll tell you why.
The Classic retails for about $540, and the Digital at around $670.  Nevertheless, for the extra $130, the Digital is accurate only to +/- 2.7 degrees, compared to the Classic’s +/- 9 degrees. Even with $100 increase in price, the vaporizer isn’t “telling me” the exact temperature anyway, so what’s point?

If you’re using your vaporizer strictly for cannabis consumption, I think you should pocket the extra $130 and just buy the Classic. The bioactive chemicals in cannabis burn ideally between temperature settings 5.5 through 7 (max 7.5) on the Volcano. Within this range fall tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) at 149.3 °C, cannabinol (CBN) at 212.7 °C, and cannabidiol (CBD) at 206.3 °C.

I also happen to think the Classic looks better than the Digital. It strikes me as very old school mad scientist. If you ask me, it has more character. Plus, Storz & Bickel only offer their five year warranty to the Classic. Of course the question is always why. I’ll admit to some ignorance and disinterest there. I’m happy with my warranty and less cash out of pocket.

Now the Volcano is not enough to make the magic happen. You’ll also need a valve set; it includes, among other smaller pieces, the mouthpiece and bag. The valve set is included in the price but you’ll have to decide whether you’ll want an EZ Valve or Solid Valve.  The difference is that the EZ Valve is replaceable so you don’t have to clean it.  However you get 5 EZ Valves with your Volcano.  A replacement set of 6 runs you $70.

I was not impressed by the EZ Valve set at all. I just think the Solid Valve is a nicer investment. It’s a sturdy stainless steel piece. When you hold it in your hand, you can feel the weight – a legitimate piece of engineering.

Further, The EZ Valve set gives you pre-sized bags (really, what they are giving you is a pre-sized valve set). With the Solid Valve set, you can size out your own bag. The feeling of freedom I get from vaping with a 2 foot+ bag really can’t be beat.

I knew I made the right decision in purchasing my Volcano when I first dissembled the Solid Valve mouthpiece for its first cleaning. The valve set comprises a bunch of intrinsically engineered component pieces. The level of detail and quality manufacturing of this product is astounding. It amazed me, and I’m not sure any description of mine could do it justice. Below you’ll see a picture of what I mean. Storz & Bickel = no joke.

Volcano Vaporizer Parts disassembled pre-cleaning
Volcano Vaporizer Parts disassembled pre-cleaning
Volcano Vaporizer Parts disassembled post-cleaning
Volcano Vaporizer Parts disassembled post-cleaning


After about 100 uses, I clean my Solid Valve set. I know people who recommend cleaning every 150 uses as fine. I noticed that the bag gets dirty before the rest of the valve set. This observation actually made me very happy, because I figured out that I can be more flexible with when/how clean. (For example, I can choose to only replace the bag if I see the rest of the mouth piece is not grimed up.)
Personally, I know I would be throwing money out the window if I purchased an EZ Valve set – because once the bag gets dirty, you have to throw out the entire EZ Valve set. And like I said before, their replacements aren’t cheap.

The Cleaning Process:
A cleaning brush is of course provided.  Though the cleaning process is relatively simple, it can be time consuming due to the smaller size of some pieces. It can take a half hour to do a thorough job.
1.) Soak the pieces in alcohol for ten minutes.
2.) One by one, remove each piece from the alcohol and rub it clean with the brush. Gently scrub away any stubborn resin.
3.) Lay  the pieces out to dry on some paper towels afterwards, and you’re done.

Replacing the bag on the Solid Valve is also quite easy…
1.) Simply cut to the size you want and stick it into the mouth piece attachment.
2.) A round rubber band-like component is included in the valve set. Use this to affix the bag into the mouth piece.

Of course, directions for all these procedures are included (with pictures!) when you buy a Volcano. They are actually pretty straightforward.

volcano vaporizer cleaning and dismantling guide

Technicalities aside, it’s time to discuss what it’s like to get high using a Volcano vaporizer. So without further ado…

The High
….which is really why you read this review 😉

Each time you reload the fill chamber with new bud, you can expect to get 5-6 bags out of it, depending on your heat settings. If there’s a bite in the vapor flavor, replace the cache. Spent bud may or may not cause you to experience a quick cough. My method is to start the Classic at 5.5 and work my way up to 7.  After every bag, I’ll move it up half a notch. I usually vape a couple of bags at 6 however, which I think is the ideal temperature. You should not vaporize cannabis above the 7.5 mark. The first reason is that vaping cannabis above 7.5 on the Classic destroys nearly all its beneficial compounds. Second, vaporization is the most lung-friendly way to smoke since no actual combustion occurs. However if you set the vape to 8 or higher, you are effectively searing your lung and tracheal tissue. High settings are for other types of herbs (remember that the Volcano and other vapes are sold commercially for therapeutic purposes, meaning other people vaporize herbs like Sage, Chamomile and Lavender for their ailments).

Depending on the number of bags you inhale, you’ll be anywhere from functional to totally blitzed…but the high will still stay clearheaded. There is absolutely none of that soupy high so notorious to bongs and bubblers. It’s very clean. (That doesn’t mean that after 10 bags things don’t start to get hazy.) It’s also immediate, since the vapor can enter the bloodstream though the lungs. I can tell you that the Classic makes for an extremely efficient delivery system.

Volcano Vaporizer Balloon Solid Valve

I’ve tried my share of portable vapes and whips. They can’t touch the Volcano. Not even with the tip of a finger. I believe what you’re paying for is the vapor quality in general. With the Volcano, the vapor is extremely smooth, almost like steam. Cheaper vapes tend to hit harder, and not in a good way.  I don’t know what else to say except that you haven’t truly vaped until you’ve experienced the Volcano vaporizer…so get your own or get friendly with someone who has one.

PROS: Sexy, fun & efficient – it’s your ideal life partner! A strong, clear high; Conversation piece; Five year warranty!; Stoners love it!

CONS: $$$$$; No warranty offered on the Digital; Solid valve requires some maintenance, while the EZ valve can end up costing you more in the long run.

Conclusion: Nothing compares to the Volcano Vaporizer when it comes to plugged in, bag vaporization.

We HIGHly recommend purchasing your Volcano Vaporizer from VapeWorld if you plan on ordering online. Fast discreet shipping, freebies and quality customer support.


  1. I read lots of vaporizer reviews and useless pseudo-medical websites and at last, after about 2 hours, somebody cuts to the chase. Well done. Thanks.

  2. Great review, I have had my Volcano classic about a month now and agree the Classic is the way to go! Price was not an issue but added length of the warranty made me more confident in my decision.

    The high is indeed like no other method I have ever consumed cannabis.

    I keep my volcano set at 6.5, only consume the best medical grade around yet sometimes I still find myself coughing. The cough is not like your normal toker cough which is usually a deep hack from the bottom of your insides, the vape cough is a more shallow cough from your throat.

    I as well have had many portable vapes and various whips, boxes etc and the Volcano wins hands down.

    If you are considering a Vape and on a budget I STRONGLY suggest you get a bank or jar and start putting money in it weekly till you have the funds for a Volcano Classic, it will be cheaper in the long run as the others waste your medicine as you can’t regulate temp properly and they break quickly (my friends had his Volcano almost 4 yrs and I went through about 5 various vapes in that time).

  3. I love my Volcano, it was really expensive but definitely worth it. It’s so much healthier for you than smoking, not to mention that it really messes you up.

  4. Best review I’ve ever read, love the pictures. I agree with everything you said but I clean our Volcano with a citrus based solvent (Citrosolve) instead of alcohol. In my experience alcohol can negatively affect some plastics. And rinse well with water.

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