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Da Buddha Vape Review

Da Buddha Vape

Price – $185 in store $170 online

Made by 7th Floor

Designed and Built in U.S.A.

Vaporizers are hard to find at the $100 – 200 range, especially ones that actually work for that amount of money.  But alas, Da Buddha (DBV) is the answer for those of us who are strapped for cash, looking for a durable piece, and waiting to vaporize.  It’s sleek, inexpensive, and can take a beating.da-buddha-vaporizer-by-silver-surfer

The cylindrical aluminum housing has the mechanics on bottom and air intake and heating element on top, separate from one another.  The temperature knob is silver but you can buy custom ones for around $30.  Also, directly above the knob is a happy, plump, friendly Buddha with DBV on his belly.  Beware however that the heating element is inside of a glass heating cover that gets extremely hot.  I would highly advise against touching it even out of curiosity.  Let it be noted however that this is a danger with many vaporizers and is not a flaw of Da Buddha.  To vaporize, you insert the glass wand into the heating cover and inhale though the tubing and mouthpiece.  An advantage of DBV is that since the glass wand is 5 inches long, you’re able to hold onto it and fill in the tip of the wand without the glass being too hot.  Also, the tubing is high quality and bendable.  Oh, did I mention that the power cord is 10 feet long?  Or that it comes with a padded carrying case made out of hemp? My only qualm is that the heating cover moves from side to side and it would be nice if it was stationary, but that is minor detail.

When using DBV, it will take a week or so to get perfectly accustomed to the temperature knob and your heat preference, but here are a few tips in advance to get you well on your way:

1.      At start, turn your DBV all the way up for 2 minutes, no more.

2.      After 2 minutes, turn the knob back to around 12 o’clock and fill your wand

3.      To clean your wand, DBV gives you a handy metal pick to scrape the screen free of residue.

4.      To change your screen, insert the metal pick up the bottom of the wand to pop the screen out.  Then take a new screen and insert it through the top of the wand and it will pop into place once pushed down with the metal pick.

5.      Always make sure what you’re using is ground up

Overall DBV is a safe choice when choosing a vaporizer.  It offers quality, ease, and affordability.


Affordable, $175

Safe to touch

Easy to use

Made in U.S.A.

Durable, can be knocked over

10-foot cord allows for placement anywhere in room

Comes with everything you need

3 year warranty


Only comes in silver, Black costs + $20

The Silver Surfer, made by the same company has more color and is more aesthetically appealing, but that will run you at least $250

Looking to buy Da Buddha Vaporizer? Check the vape store out here.

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