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The Government Grows Crappy Pot (video)

Crappy Pot via National Institute of Marijuana Project (the only government supported Marijuana research facility in the United States)

Fox Memphis goes to the National Institute of Marijuana Project and tours their ‘grow-op’. The doctor running the place notes that

– On street level pricing of the government’s pot: “[the price] depends…  if people know it’s coming from here… very expensive.” and he knows this how? His pot is ground up into shake with gigantic twigs sticking out of it.  I’m actually more interested in the pot they’ve confiscated from growers around the US. Those zipped up bags look like they hold the best pot around.. Not the limp nugs growin’ in the Mississippi research facility *gag*. . .

The good doctor also goes on to flash a picture of himself holding a THC suppository created by none other than.. himself. Which further mentioned is not very popular in the United States.. He can take that shit and stick it up his own ass.

Wonder why nothing good has ever come out of this government run research facility? Because as the doctor says himself, “If everyone can grow it nobody will need this place anymore. It will put us out of business.” Hopefully it’ll be legal before those THC suppositories are. Add this to the list of yearly wasted tax dollars . . expenses enforcing the marijuana prohibition.

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  1. After last week’s dry spell, I was ready to smoke just about anything… Check it out at 420.com! “Conservation 101 Dry as the Sahara Desert”.

  2. Wow, that stuff looks just down right awful. People are always going to grow pot, period. If thats the best he’s got then yes he will be outta business soon, whether we need his facility or not, lol

  3. Just another example of the waste of my tax dollars…. Addictive? After 34 years of daily use, and now medical usage, I stopped due to upcoming surgery. No problem. Just stopped for months as my doctor suggested. No detox, no problem… I just stopped I defy a tobacco or coffee user to do that!
    As for potency – drop by California…. 8% is for wimps!!!

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