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Magic Flight Launch Box (MFLB) Review

The Magic Flight Launch box, a portable vaporizer, has been around for a few years now and the manufacturer claims it is over a decade in development. This review culminates a months’ worth of testing the Magic Flight Launch Box, also referred to as MFLB. 421 Flavors is in no way related to Magic-Flight company and this review is based solely on our opinions and experience with the product. We hope you find value in our review of the Magic-Flight Launch Box. Here is everything that came with the Magic-Flight Launch box: 2 pc. Rechargeable AA NiMh Magic Flight (Glyph) Batteries Formulated to be best batteries for MFLB 1 pc. NiMh AA Battery Charger 48-page Manual 1 pc. Magic-Flight Cleaning Brush 1 pc. Glass draw Stem 2 pc. Black Battery Caps Black Screen Ring and Battery Foam Seal Black Tin lined with felt Lifetime functional warranty The Magic Flight Wood …

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PAX by Ploom Portable Vaporizer Review

The Pax is a portable vaporizer developed by Ploom. This review spanned the few weeks since I got my own and made my first impressions while using someone else’s.  This review is a culmination of thoughts and testing done by myself and everyone I could convince to put it in their mouth and suck.. inhale. If you just want the tldr; version of the post — scroll down. Always willing to accept the challenge, I want to thank everyone who helped try this device and my friends for introducing me to it… ‘Cause I met Pax for the first time at a party..’ I was instructed that the green light meant ready to go.. I put my lips to the mouthpiece and inhaled as if sipping a hot drink for a few seconds. The full taste of the flowers came through, and a big Ploom of vapor poured out on …

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Klear Glass Cleaner Review

There are a lot of Cleaning Solutions out there… And in our never-ending quest to keep our glass pieces clean, we came across a new solution called ‘Klear’ KLEAR Glass Cleaner (Kleaner) Review Klear promises to make your glass piece look and feel as “good as new” while also being reusable… and hey, we all know new is good. 😉 At $18.99 a bottle, it’s one of the more expensive glass cleaning products on the market. So the reusable part is quite nice, but of course we had to test it first. So we put Klear to the ultimate test using our DIRTIEST and most hard-to-clean glass parts for this review. We tried to abstain from going overboard with finding and making things dirty enough to clean but these 2 test subjects fit the bill for these reasons: they are both extremely painful to get 100% clean there hasn’t been …

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Volcano Classic Vaporizer Review

Volcano Vaporizer Classic

Let me be blunt. No vaporizer does a better job of filling said bag of fun than the Volcano vaporizer. I can only rave. Go ahead, call me an elitist snob. I know the price tag is by no means pocket change…but I will put my stoner status on the line for the Volcano. It will fuck you up, and you will love it. The Volcano definitely gives credence to the old adage “you get what you pay for.” When friends come to sit tee-pee style around my Volcano, they know their vape session won’t disappoint. Nobody says no to the Volcano. My review pertains to the Volcano Classic, equipped with the Solid Valve set. I know there’s a digital Volcano, and there’s another valve set called EZ Valve, but I opted for neither. My motivation behind what I went with: The selling point for the Digital is its “precise …

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EZ Wider Wild Berry Review

EZ Wider Wild Berry 32 Leaves $1.50/pack Pro: Easy to roll with!! Cons: Really, where’s the party? – flavoring is lame. Short size not my cup of tea. Harsh, unclean burn. EZ Wider: Undoubtedly the most well-known cigarette rolling paper (with only Bambu rivaling at a close second).  But there are inherent downsides to such fame.  Being the most commercialized (found in 4 out of 5 convenience stores) has done nothing for this paper’s burn quality. EZ Wider’s popularity definitely stems from its ease of roll.  And EZ Wider’s Wild Berry addition does not disappoint in this department.  This is one of the most forgiving papers on the market in terms of rolling. As such, its perfect for rolling newbs due to the durability, thicker leaf, and overall feel of the paper.  One complaint is the 1.25 size, labeled on the packaging as “French Size.”  I’m warning you now that …

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SharpStone Grinder Review

About six months ago I bought myself a 5-piece SharpStone grinder from ebay user HippieKid23. At a reasonable price it came out to $29 with shipping. The grinder hasn’t jammed, required cleaning or even dulled since I received it. My last grinder was a noname brand I bought at a street vendor for $40 and was only four pieces and the kief catcher caught more than just kief. What I liked instantly about the SharpStone grinder was that the bottom kief catcher had smaller metal woven netting so it caught only the finest kief (the strong sh!t). The quality of the grinder is very exceptional ALTHOUGH I have found pieces of the metal woven netting in my ground up bud on occasion. The pieces I found weren’t broken, but overhanging pieces that weren’t taken off properly in the assembly of it. That is my only complaint on the entire product. …

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Bambu Papers Review

Bambu Papers 1.50 per pack 33 Leaves Made in Spain Bambu rolling papers are as standard as you can get.  I remember first discovering them at the beginning of my rolling days.  They allowed me to screw up a few times, yet not fall apart in my hands or tear due to excess licking.  Be careful though, as any paper that gets too moist can and will rip. 33 papers per pack is a pretty conventional amount to have, even though in my opinion more is always better.  Where Bambu really pulls through in the clutch is the length of the papers.  At 3 inches, it’s neither too long nor too short, and if you need more, just roll another paper.  The smoke could be a little lighter though, I often find myself noticing the taste of the paper, which isn’t what I want to be focusing on. If you …

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