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Bambu Papers Review

Bambu Papers
1.50 per pack
33 Leaves
Made in Spain


Bambu rolling papers are as standard as you can get.  I remember first discovering them at the beginning of my rolling days.  They allowed me to screw up a few times, yet not fall apart in my hands or tear due to excess licking.  Be careful though, as any paper that gets too moist can and will rip.

33 papers per pack is a pretty conventional amount to have, even though in my opinion more is always better.  Where Bambu really pulls through in the clutch is the length of the papers.  At 3 inches, it’s neither too long nor too short, and if you need more, just roll another paper.  The smoke could be a little lighter though, I often find myself noticing the taste of the paper, which isn’t what I want to be focusing on.

If you are looking for a reliable paper that no one will laugh at you for having (some still might), ask for a pack of Bambu at your local smoke-shop.  Also, I highly recommend these for beginners, or someone who isn’t too comfortable rolling.  You’ll find yourself getting comfortable with these, and then moving on to a more difficult or rewarding brand.

In general, if you’re scraping the bottom of your drawer looking for some papers and come across Bambu’s, you won’t be disappointed.  Just like Statefarm insurance, like a good neighbor, Bambu’s are there.

Pros: Easy for beginners, Reliable, Common in Stores
Cons: Tastes a little funky, Could burn slower

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  1. When there is nothing else around. These babies are reliable, sturdy and burn slow enough to enjoy.

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