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Hemp Rips

$1.50 – 2.00
53mm wide, 5m long

It's like having an infinite supply of paper, sort of
It's like having an infinite supply of paper, sort of


Ultra long, your choice of length
Cool Packaging
With these, no need for other length papers

Sometimes rip off too much
Box isn’t flat for pocket comfort

These are probably one of the cooler rolling papers you’ll encounter. Hemp Rips are a tube of rolling paper where you can pull out as long of a paper as you’d like and rip it off, allowing for the final product to be anywhere from an inch, to 15 feet. IMAGINE SMOKING SOMETHING 15 FEET LONG!
Once you’ve stopped using the hemp rips to measure certain body parts, or even use those body parts to help roll the paper (I’m talking about fingers), you’ll notice that the quality of the paper is pretty durable, accompanied by a sticky adhesive strip. These are no easier or harder to roll than any other paper.
The reason to buy these papers is that you get a standard quality paper with a reliable glue strip, but you can decide your own length. I often find that papers are too short, too long or too wide. In the case of Hemp Rips, they’re a perfect width, 53mm, and I can decide the length myself. Some days you’ll find yourself in the mood for a short rip, other days a long rip. The Rips allow you to always have what you want, and at 5 meters long, the amount of paper they give you equates to around 50 – 60 regular papers.
To many, rolling is a soothing process, something that calms the nerves before a relaxing smoke. Hemp rips offer yet another interesting aspect to rolling, as well as choice. That’s a huge factor for me. It’s like having short, medium, long, and gargantuan papers all in one pack, which is everything you could ask for.

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