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Kush Clean Review – a glass cleaner for your bong

Always up to accepting a challenge, we came across a comment in one of our Bong Cleaning product reviews from a competing company who claimed their product was better. Being fair and unbiased, I couldn’t allow the comment to remain up when I haven’t tried the product. I said, “Send us a copy and if it’s true let us be the ones to prove it.” They accepted the challenge.

This is the fair and unbiased Review of Kush Clean Glass Cleaner

Most resin build-up in hard to clean area of bong
Most resin build-up in hard to clean area of bong

Dirtying a piece for testing is always the most fun part of our reviews; in this review we’re using a $400 glass water pipe that has some of the hardest-to-clean percolators that we’ve ever had the pleasure of dirtying. In the past we would normally use 99% alcohol and rock salt or Formula-420 to clean this and then a whole bunch of pipe cleaners to finish the biggest build up areas. Certain spots (as pictured to the right) could not even be removed AFTER the cleaning and would leave us paranoid as to whether they were dry or if it was safe to smoke from the bong after cleaning and still seeing resin spots.

The 420 Kush Clean website says that it’s no shake but we broke that rule only slightly by using saran wrap on the bong’s only air holes so that the cleaner would stay in between joints and then turn the bong upside down until the liquid stopped dripping into lower parts using air pressure.

The Kush Clean doesn’t smell offensive at all — although a pretty pungent citrus smell, it doesn’t permeate entire rooms or leave any film on glass or hands. We actually really liked how easy Kush Clean was to rinse out of the glass and that it didn’t leave our hands feeling filmy or greasy after contact. The product says it is all natural, non-toxic and made in USA which are important things we look for to comfortably call a glass cleaner “safe.”

Dirty hard to clean perc
Dirty hard to clean perc

We tested 2 REALLY hard to clean parts of the bong: the main bong itself and a separate glass percolator. Both have been extremely challenging to clean and required serious scrub and shake work. The Kush Clean promised a no-shake, fill-it-and-leave-it cleaning experience. That is the exact test we intended on replicating, on behalf of our lazy stoner brethren in search of the magic bullet in cleaning a dirty glass bong.

So we filled up the dirty glass pieces with Kush Clean liquid, took some pictures and set the timer for an hour. When we came back we noticed that big chunks of resin, previously requiring hundreds of shakes to dissipate, had detached themselves and were simply floating around in Kush Clean liquid. We were pretty floored by how fast it got off some of the hardest to remove stains. We gave the bong a shake at this point, so that everything that peeled off the inside wouldn’t get stuck while rinsing through the little percolator holes. Then we refilled the Kush Clean liquid into its bottle (since it says “reusuable” and we were really impressed with how well it had worked).

Right after that we rinsed the entire bong with warm water to make sure that no cleaner was left. At this point all the dirty resin was GONE, not a single spec of dirt remained in any glass piece we had cleaned. Resin even lifted free from the edges and connective points of the glassware, a feat that’s hard to achieve.  So overall, we were very excited by Kush Clean’s efficacy in leaving this 3-year-old bong crystal clean and spotless.

We’ll just let the “Before” and “After” shots do the rest of the talking for the Kush Clean bong cleaning review.

 bong-top-before-after-kush-clean-reviewbong-before-after-kush-clean-review perc-before-after-kush-clean-review


The instructions said that we could let the dirtiest pieces soak for more than an hour…But we didn’t find that the piece needed it, even in the areas of biggest buildup. We found that shaking helped the cleaner to work faster, but if you just leave it be it still works amazingly well.

Final Thoughts: This is our new favorite glass cleaning product. I watched the cleaner literally peel off some of the darkest stains that even Formula-420 left behind after a half hour of shaking. The best part about this product is that it is re-usable and inexpensive. Kush Clean did not leave behind any residue, taste, or flavoring. After cleaning with Kush Clean we found the first hits pulled like from a brand new bong. With Kush Clean we are not dreading the next round of glassware cleaning. We loved Kush Clean after reviewing it and we HIGHly recommend it. We gave it  5/5 stars

To find out more information about Kush Clean and to order some for yourself you can find out about them on their website 420kushclean.com

Kush Clean best bong cleaner

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