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Klear Glass Cleaner Review

There are a lot of Cleaning Solutions out there… And in our never-ending quest to keep our glass pieces clean, we came across a new solution called ‘Klear’

KLEAR Glass Cleaner (Kleaner) Review

Klear Bong Glass Cleaner (Kleaner)

Klear promises to make your glass piece look and feel as “good as new” while also being reusable… and hey, we all know new is good. πŸ˜‰ At $18.99 a bottle, it’s one of the more expensive glass cleaning products on the market. So the reusable part is quite nice, but of course we had to test it first.

This is the everyday use bowl, it’s probably been used over a hundred times since the last time it was cleaned.. and it always had leftover residue so this will make a great test subject.

So we put Klear to the ultimate test using our DIRTIEST and most hard-to-clean glass parts for this review.

Klear Application

Our Roor piece is almost constantly dirty.. Whenever we clean it even with a pipe cleaner brush it never gets 100% clean. After we submerged our bowl with Klean we decided the Roor piece would be an even better glass part to test with.

We tried to abstain from going overboard with finding and making things dirty enough to clean but these 2 test subjects fit the bill for these reasons:


  • they are both extremely painful to get 100% clean
  • there hasn’t been a single time I’ve cleaned with regular 420 cleaner OR 99% alcohol and epsom salt that they have been fully cleaned
  • we figured in order to make either of these parts fully clean would require boiling them in hot water or a lot of hand work

So having a new product that would allow us to simply submerge in cleaner and then rinse with warm water was a relatively wonderful alternative since I’m tired of hurting my hands with harsh chemicals when I want to try to clean glass pieces.

Now here’s the only thing I really didn’t like about the instructions: I’d have to wait an HOUR. I normally like being able to clean things and then just use them… but in all honesty these 2 parts haven’t been 100% clean since I purchased them.

So that’s what we did, we used a generous amount of Klear and left the two extremely dirty glass pieces to soak — for an hour (inside a pyrex glass pan).

Pouring Klean into Roor diffuser
Soaking bowl in Klean

And after that hour we took some pictures of the accumulation of resin that came out before water was even applied.

Results of using Klear Glass Kleaner:

After a rinse with some warm water….


Like new.. clean-from-klear

We were actually quite impressed with how well it took off the resin.

We did notice that if you don’t get all the resin out right away with that warm water, more Klear would need to be applied before it would come off.after-klear2


So would we recommend Klear as a good option for cleaning your hard to clean glass piece? Definitely yes!


What does Klear smell like?
It smells like cinnamon and orange during the soaking process. The smell spreads around the room and even a tinge of a potent resin smell can be present in the room during cleaning.

Is there any Klear residue leftover after the glass parts are rinsed with warm water?
None that we could find, no smell like 420cleaner normally leaves behind.

Does it make the glass smell or taste different during use?
No smell, no taste.

Is it natural?
The bottle says “Earth Friendly” and “Non-Toxic when used properly,” with the usual warnings about not ingesting it or getting it in your eye. The first thing that happened to me when I was applying it is I got it on my hands. I rinsed it off quickly and didn’t have an adverse affects, smells or chemicals lingering after a simple soap wash. While I wouldn’t drink the stuff, I’d figure it’s good enough to clean my glass with πŸ˜‰

Where can I purchase Klear Solutions Glass Kleaner?Head on over to their homepage here: www.klearsolutions.com

421Flavors.com and it’s writers are in NO WAY affiliated with ‘Klear Glass Kleaner’ — we were contacted by the company to give them a review of their product. This is the full, unbiased review. We were given the product for free.

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