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Pure Hemp King Size Rolling Paper Review

Pure Hemp King Size
Price: 2 – 3 dollars
33 leaves
Made in Spain
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Long Lasting
Good ratio of width to length

Maybe a little too long.  King Size is big
33 is ok, but 50 leaves would be plentiful

Pure Hemp is quite the impressive brand of cigarette papers.  They produce a sturdy, yet delicate rolling paper that has a promising adhesive strip at the end.  There have been times when I have reached for other papers first, only to have them rip, be too short, or have a shoddy adhesive.  But one must look no further as Pure Hemp covers all the bases and leaves no one with a bad smoking experience.  The actual appeal of these papers isn’t unveiled until you actually light them, but once you have, you’ll realize that they are burning so slowly, you could go have lunch come back, and be in the same place you left off.
Many a time has it been windy and these papers have stayed lit, saving me the hassle of taking out my lighter again and again.  Another reason why I have taken a liking to these papers is because they have a classic look, a simple label, and the product delivers.

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