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EZ Wider Wild Berry Review

EZ Wider Wild Berry
32 Leaves

Pro: Easy to roll with!!
Cons: Really, where’s the party? – flavoring is lame. Short size not my cup of tea. Harsh, unclean burn.

EZ Wider: Undoubtedly the most well-known cigarette rolling paper (with only Bambu rivaling at a close second).  But there are inherent downsides to such fame.  Being the most commercialized (found in 4 out of 5 convenience stores) has done nothing for this paper’s burn quality.

EZ Wider’s popularity definitely stems from its ease of roll.  And EZ Wider’s Wild Berry addition does not disappoint in this department.  This is one of the most forgiving papers on the market in terms of rolling. As such, its perfect for rolling newbs due to the durability, thicker leaf, and overall feel of the paper.  One complaint is the 1.25 size, labeled on the packaging as “French Size.”  I’m warning you now that you will end up with a smaller j when you roll with this…although I don’t understand the whole decision to include a French affilation on the packaging when 1.25 is also considered “Spanish size.”

To continue, EZ Widers Wild Berry is a great paper with which to build your confidence as a roller.  I won’t downplay that point… But then again you can just grab a pack of good ol’ EZ Wider Double Wide and fulfill the same purpose.

So what gets me is this whole “Wild Berry” twist.  Truly, the alleged “Wild Berry” flavoring leaves much to be desired, and seems very much tacked on as an afterthought.  Sure, it’s sweet on the tongue while licking mid-role, but upon the first pull (and the subsequent pulls after which encompassed my smoke session) EZWWB did not produce that ‘oh so wild’ flavor advertised.  It’s a harsh hitter, so expect to cough with this one.  Moreover, it didn’t burn as cleanly as I’d have liked.

For these reasons, I’m branding EZ Wider Wild Berry a gimmick.  I’m sure the colors and cover detailing used by EZWWB work well together to attact the eyes and wallets of newb smokers everywhere.  I admit I fell for it back in the day.  But that’s just good marketing, isn’t it.

The Bottom Line: Using this paper until you’re comfortable rolling is a great idea. But once you’ve reached pro status, move onto something more exotic for your $1.50.

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