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Why Marijuana should be legalized

Last I checked 48% of Americans have tried Pot, while 18 Million smoke up everyday.. Seems like the topic is getting a lot more attention than it has ever received.

Time Magazine Says:

. . .there is an enormous potential windfall in the taxation of marijuana. It is estimated that pot is the largest cash crop in California, with annual revenues approaching $14 billion. A 10% pot tax would yield $1.4 billion in California alone. And that’s probably a fraction of the revenues that would be available — and of the economic impact, with thousands of new jobs in agriculture, packaging, marketing and advertising. A veritable marijuana economic-stimulus package!

Harvard Economist on why Marijuana should be legalized . . [ YouTube ]

Seattle Police Chief Says Legalize Drugs . . [ YouTube ]

Cop’s Say Legalize Drugs

Check out this Documentary called The Union, it’s by far the most accurate, informative and entertaining Marijuana documentary.

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  2. I live in holland and I see that drugs here aren’t really causing any trouble… I think it should totally be legalized in the USA aswell.

  3. Im Chiztyr from Tagum city Philippine should be legalized its because when the government will try to stop using or replanting marijuanas the people will still using and replant. they knows this kind of plant is useful and medicine but there’s other people abused of using marijuanas so it should be legalized…

  4. i love marijuana its amazing!!!! Whoo hoo!!!

  5. Excellent Documentary. There is no reason on God’s Green Earth that one of God’s plants can be made unlawful.. Yes, it is il;legal, but not unlawful. God gave us every seed bearing herb and plant to be used for our food and medicine. This is the BEST medicine.

    Maybe the Operators or the “union” need to explore the use of gold and silver in the trading of this herb.. Then there is no commerce, just trading property for property. – Hmmm…

    There is no traficking if there are no Federal Reserve Notes involved. Something else they don’t want you to know.

  6. Couldn’t find the rating button.. But there aren’t enough stars anyway – I’ll give it a 15 out of 10.

  7. I think that they should just legalize marjuana. I mean it’s not the worst thing a person can do. If you think about it, Alcohol is even worse than weed. Weed is just a plant that people smoke. It just as harmful as a cigarette except it gives you a bit more of a *high. I’m not a stoner myself but for everyone else out there that is.. I think they should legalize it. I mean in my opinion.. It’s not a big drug. There’s much worse out there. &&lots of people are in jail ONLY FOR WEED. Legalize marjuana &half of our prisons will be so much more empty. There’s worse trouble makers out there. Go get them! Not the people that only smoke pot. Most people use Marjuana as a medicine anyway. Pot is used in many ways. Not just for getting high. They use it on people with cancer and many other things. It’s a medicine too!

  8. Great movie – lots of good points, some that I’ve heard before and some that were completely new.

    Legalize it!

  9. hahahahaha. you nigga’s stupid. Let me let ya’ll in on sumthin. && i really hope some one important reads this. DO NOT LEGALIZE MARIJUANA. You dont understand fully wat ya’ll doin. I smoke weed EVERY SINGLE DAYYY. I love her. Marijuana is NOT a drug. She’s a LifeStyle. Now, dont git me twisted. For some; alot, she’s a gateway drug. Marijuana no longer gives them the high they want so they move to other drugs. (Keep that in mind while you read). && for others (like myself) Marijuana has become a lifestyle. I love her as if she were a human being. Maijuana is not a drug. Shes a plant. A natural God made plant. I believe that the world was suppose to smoke weed as a lifestyle. You dont understand this lifestyle and the things it brings. Robbin people, killin people. But it is wat it is. Now, I smoke weed everydayyy, im waitin on sum green rite nowww. (&& fo you feds out there readin, and.? cum git me n i’ll tell ya da same thing) Marijuana is my lifestyle and many others dat i kno. Now. Heres WHY i say DO NOT LEGALIZE MAIJUANA. I see da Dope Boys life. I understand their struggle and they have NO CHOICE. Things have happened to them that wasnt necessarily their fault. But it messed up their future. Now they HAVE to sell weed in order to survive. Then BAM, ya’ll legalize weed and dat puts them outta bizness, right.? Yeah i bet das sumthin ya’ll want besides more of our money. Yeahhh well, they had to sell weed to survive to begin with. But since ya’ll took it awayyy, they STILL HAVE TO SERVE SUMTHIN IN ORDER TO SURVIVE. Sooo wats next.? CRACK. COCAINE. Am i wrong.? NO. i think not. Ohhh guess wat ya’ll jus did.? Ya’ll jus put 30 TIMES MORE CRACK HEADS N COKE HEADS ON DA STEET. Ohhhhh guess watt else jus happened.? Theres 30 times more murders and robbing and all things like dat. Why.? Becuhz everyone kno a crack head/coke head will do ANYTHING to git they fix, ya feel me.? Greattt, ya’ll jus made da world a bit more dangerous than it already is. But, das not all. Wat happens wen sumone wants to buy a budd.? Realll pot heads dont want their shyt already broke up n de-seeded. Dat takes da funn outta smokin. PLUS, we dont want dem lil j’s ya’ll gon pre-roll fo us. We wanna smoke a blunt. Am i wrong.? NO i sure aint. Sooo, sumone gonna wanna buy a budd rite.? Welll, how are you going to get the seed out of the budd without busting the budd cuhz they want THE BUDD.? hahahahahaha. guess wat.? YOU CANT. They say dat our weed is like 10 times more potent den it was in da 60’s, rite.? Well, next generation the weed will be 30 times more potent. How.? Cuhz someone got ahold of dat one lil seed, grew their self a baby gurl, loved her and took care of her like their own child. && hahahaha, now we got even better weed den wat we had and wat da stores tryna serve us. Ya’ll jus want our money. But ayyy, member that thought i told you to hold.? Yeahhh, For sum…For alot…Marijuana becomes a gateway drug. Guess wat.? Ya’ll jus created alot more crack heads n coke heads den ya already did. Ya stupid and ya dont see exactly wat ya tryin to do. If you smoke weed and your saying legalize it…guess wat i got to say to you. You fake. && Marijuana aint yo lifestyle. You wanna see yo dope boys, yo FRINS fall.?obviously cuhz you wantin to take they bizness away. You fake. Plain n simple. I jus wish my voice was bigg enough to stop the thought of legalization of Marijuana. But its not. && i accept that. But…i love her. I Love Maijuana…..But if you git caught wit it, das YO fault. I wont git caught. I will survive. && i’ll smoke weed either wayy till da dayy i die. Try me. Try to stop me n imma laugh in yo face. Jus like i did wit my mama.

  10. guy from holland is rite if it is legalized it wont be bad itll be GREAT!!!

  11. That alyssa chick is a stupid dumb bitch!!! first she says DO NOT LEGALIZE MARIJUANA and then shes all i love marijuana its my lifestyle. dumb bitch, i love it too and want that shit legalized

  12. marijuana is the fukn shit legalize it please i mean we got tobacco and alchohal legal and those heave worse effect than marijuana , i mean im doin this for erryone else out there i live in kentucky the state that produces most so its practically like a level 4 tolerance hahah

  13. Legalize legalize legalize! For anyone who says it should not be legalized they need to go and smoke a little and they’ll realize why it should be legalized. There really isn’t anything wrong with it. At all.

  14. Im going to make a survey for this for my research paper.

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