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RAW Rolling Paper Review

The claim to fame is that it “Contains Natural Unbleached Fibers” and is “Vegan” to make matters all the more confusing for the average pot head.. or personal cigarette roller. . . especially when the definition for vegan is:

A vegetarian who eats plant products only, especially one who uses no products derived from animals, as fur or leather.

I was under the impression that all rolling papers were made of plant material only..  up

Vegan Rolling Paper? Really?
Vegan Rolling Paper? Really?

until now.

This product is made in Spain, and contains 32 sheets (standard quantity) of rolling papers per package. The adhesive is fairly strong and I would recommend only going over it with your tongue once in order to prevent taking off the adhesive sugars, and turning the sheet unusable. Do not moisten any other areas except for the adhesive as the paper can be torn very easily.

Pros: Smooth taste, very clean and even burn on a perfect roll.
Meh: Not the best, but far from the worst. It holds up to it’s all Natural claim.. but the vegan marketing term throws me off.
Cons: Adhesive comes off fairly easily, so you have to be very careful. Burns fast outdoors. Can be ripped if your not careful rolling the thin paper. I’ve rolled over 60 of these and found that occasionally the heat can cause the adhesive to become loose if there is any moisture at all when it is being smoked.. very annoying if your on the go.

Consensus: I would recommend this paper ONLY to someone who is very comfortable rolling. Newbs be warned, once you feel comfortable rolling these are certainly amongst the best rolling papers available.

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  1. Over 60 papers were used before writing this review. Just thought ya should know 😉

  2. great review!!
    “newbs be warned” lol

  3. Ok, im smoking my first vegan joint and I feel better already. I dont taste anything from the paper, maybe because its vegan attributes…. but, as the average pothead I am, it can perfectly be bacause my sensors are burnt out.

    I rip off the glue when I roll so I had no poblems with that….

    happy smokes,



    I have used nearly every paper on the market and, bottom line, RAW papers are the absolute finest quality papers on the market; however, they aren’t for everybody.

    You have to consider yourself an expert roller to benefit from the RAW’s superior rolling ability. If you can roll a perfect cigarette, then you will find that RAW papers burn slowly, evenly, they are very light, tasteless, and are a pleasure to roll.

    I will not let a review go by without touching on the CONs. The packaging is nice because the papers are creaseless, but you will notice that the top of the papers (the gum side) will eventually roll over the edge of the packaging. In time, this will ruin your papers. You have to be very conscious of this or else RAWs will be a disappointment.

    Overall, if you are careful and respect the RAW paper, it will treat you very nicely in return. I don’t use them for their vegan claims. I could care less. I use them because they are simply the best papers on the market today.

  5. I love RAW papers, especially the new Organic ones. The Vegan thing on RAW has to do with some of the French brands that were using Animal based glue for their papers. What could be grosser than licking pig glue?

    The paper isn’t vegan, it’s the gum guys!

    My favorite thing about RAW is how it never runs like Zig Zags do. It always burns even and leaves me with a smile.

  6. Although all these comments of RAW papers simply being the best papers ever are very true I would like to touch on a couple very important attributes I found very user friendly beside the ones stated previously. Smokers have you eer bought a pack of papers only to wonder if maybe the guy behind the counter had maybe over the last couple shifts he worked had slipped a couple papers out to use for free.?? Well RAW includes not only an extra Yellow paper that states “This is the first paper”, but also the fifth paper from the bottom there is another bright yellow paper that states “You’re almost out of RAW papers”. I love everything about RAW papers.

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