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Elements Ultra Thin Rice Papers Review

Elements Ultra Thin Rice Papers come with 50 papers per pack and are made of Sugar Gum.. With the claim that they burn ashless except for the “Sugar” which creates a very small amount of ash.

How does it stack up against the competition? It’s fairly sturdy, very easy to roll with and is harsh on the throat when inhaled. It burns extremely quickly and unevenly when smoked outside so it’s one of my least favorite ways to smoke outside. The harshness of this paper was very agitating and I ended up spitting a lot.. Couldn’t inhale larger hits and made the decision I wouldn’t be buying Elements again.

Elements Rice Paper Review

Overall Review - 8.4


Pros: 50 papers Meh: For "Ultra Thin" their more sturdy than the competition. Cons: Harsh on the throat, can't be smoked outside (especially on a windy day), only good for spliffs.. and skinny ones at that.

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  1. I just smoked a joint with one of these papers. I agree with what was said. Very harsh and unpleasant smoking experience. Not to the point that i can’t inhale, but for being an “ultra thin” paper its not what you would expect. Not to mention half the joints i’ve rolled with these don’t hit properly. And they go out very quickly.

    I recommend Ultra Thin Zig-Zags. Much better.

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