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Magic Flight Launch Box (MFLB) Review

The Magic Flight Launch box, a portable vaporizer, has been around for a few years now and the manufacturer claims it is over a decade in development. This review culminates a months’ worth of testing the Magic Flight Launch Box, also referred to as MFLB. 421 Flavors is in no way related to Magic-Flight company and this review is based solely on our opinions and experience with the product. We hope you find value in our review of the Magic-Flight Launch Box. Here is everything that came with the Magic-Flight Launch box: 2 pc. Rechargeable AA NiMh Magic Flight (Glyph) Batteries Formulated to be best batteries for MFLB 1 pc. NiMh AA Battery Charger 48-page Manual 1 pc. Magic-Flight Cleaning Brush 1 pc. Glass draw Stem 2 pc. Black Battery Caps Black Screen Ring and Battery Foam Seal Black Tin lined with felt Lifetime functional warranty The Magic Flight Wood …

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The answer to: What can you do with vaporized marijuana?

Extra Finely Ground vs. Regular Grind

The key to saving bud for re-use later is to never overheat it. You’ll know you over-heated instantly from the near-death choking experience that subsequently follows such a little smoking plume. So what can you do with this now brownish colored vaporized bud? 1) Edibles: You can turn it into cannabutter using the recipe here! With cannabutter one can put up to 10 grams of vaporized bud into 1 stick of butter (being mindful of the potency of the bud being used, there is roughly 30-40% of that unburnt THC in the vaporized marijuana). Once the cannabutter has hardened in the fridge I do a betty crocker chocolate chip cookie recipe which uses their mix and that 1 stick of butter. You can do any recipe that requires butter. The possibilities extend as far as butter uses (buttering bread, pasta butter sauce, etc). The key is to avoid the butter …

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Vaporite Elevation (VR-005) Review

Vaporite Elevation (VR-005) Price: $50 online Pros: Cheap Digital Temperature Quick Startup of 5 minutes Cons: Digital read is not accurate Burns your product Hard to put more product in without touching the scorching hot bowl (use a glove) Wooden, smells funny after being on for too long The reason why I came across this vaporizer was because my friend purchased it on a whim and then proceeded to leave it at my house for the next three weeks, forgetting it every time she was over.  Otherwise my taste is too picky for this type of vaporizer, unless you’re looking for one where you don’t have to spend any money, and you kind of get the vaporizing experience, kinda. The Vaporite Elevation features a wooden tower with a digital temperature read and a knob for temperature control.  Inside is a ceramic heating element, and at the top of the tower …

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Da Buddha Vape Review

Da Buddha Vape Price – $185 in store $170 online Made by 7th Floor Designed and Built in U.S.A. Vaporizers are hard to find at the $100 – 200 range, especially ones that actually work for that amount of money.  But alas, Da Buddha (DBV) is the answer for those of us who are strapped for cash, looking for a durable piece, and waiting to vaporize.  It’s sleek, inexpensive, and can take a beating. The cylindrical aluminum housing has the mechanics on bottom and air intake and heating element on top, separate from one another.  The temperature knob is silver but you can buy custom ones for around $30.  Also, directly above the knob is a happy, plump, friendly Buddha with DBV on his belly.  Beware however that the heating element is inside of a glass heating cover that gets extremely hot.  I would highly advise against touching it even …

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