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EZ Wider Wild Berry Review

EZ Wider Wild Berry 32 Leaves $1.50/pack Pro: Easy to roll with!! Cons: Really, where’s the party? – flavoring is lame. Short size not my cup of tea. Harsh, unclean burn. EZ Wider: Undoubtedly the most well-known cigarette rolling paper (with only Bambu rivaling at a close second).  But there are inherent downsides to such fame.  Being the most commercialized (found in 4 out of 5 convenience stores) has done nothing for this paper’s burn quality. EZ Wider’s popularity definitely stems from its ease of roll.  And EZ Wider’s Wild Berry addition does not disappoint in this department.  This is one of the most forgiving papers on the market in terms of rolling. As such, its perfect for rolling newbs due to the durability, thicker leaf, and overall feel of the paper.  One complaint is the 1.25 size, labeled on the packaging as “French Size.”  I’m warning you now that …

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How to Roll a Joint

How to Roll Using a Paper Filter There are several different techniques to rolling, and often times people have their own tricks to get theirs rolled just right.  Some people roll from the center outward, some pre-roll the paper and then pack the tobacco inside, and some use a paper filter at the end that is used as a starting point to get rolling.   In this step-by-step guide to rolling I’ll explain how to roll using a paper filter; a very basic and foolproof way to have the perfect roll. What you’ll need: 1 Rolling Paper, 1 Index card, or thick paper like it, Ground Tobacco. Step 1: Grab an index card and cut off a small rectangle about ½ inch wide and 1 inch long. Once you roll this up it is going to act as your filter and starting point in the rolling process Step 2: Take your …

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Hemp Rips $1.50 – 2.00 53mm wide, 5m long Pros: Ultra long, your choice of length Cool Packaging With these, no need for other length papers Cons: Sometimes rip off too much Box isn’t flat for pocket comfort These are probably one of the cooler rolling papers you’ll encounter. Hemp Rips are a tube of rolling paper where you can pull out as long of a paper as you’d like and rip it off, allowing for the final product to be anywhere from an inch, to 15 feet. IMAGINE SMOKING SOMETHING 15 FEET LONG! Once you’ve stopped using the hemp rips to measure certain body parts, or even use those body parts to help roll the paper (I’m talking about fingers), you’ll notice that the quality of the paper is pretty durable, accompanied by a sticky adhesive strip. These are no easier or harder to roll than any other paper. …

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