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Jamullah Herb Grinder Review

A few weeks ago I got my Jamullah grinder in the mail, I’ve been testing it out since. It came neatly packaged in a discrete brown box, with a sheet of paper stating that the grinder must be thoroughly cleaned before use. The grinders made of aluminum, so it’s fairly light, and the grinder pieces are quite sharp, but not enough to cut your fingers.. that’s a good or bad thing depending on how ya look at it. The holes for ground up nug are very small so the final ground up product is shredded to bits. This can be a hassle if your using somewhat wet herb and it may take 20-30 spins (yes.. we counted) before all the herb goes down. It’s a standard 4-piece grinder with one of the newer features of other grinders which is the plastic ring (aka O-Ring) between the top lid and grinder …

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Twas’ The Night before 4/20

‘Twas the night before 4/ 20, when all through society Not a pothead was stirring, no reason for anxiety; The kush was all ground, and rolled with such care, For others may come, and I must be prepared; The stoners asleep all comfy on the couch, No cause for alarm, they probably passed out; And Mary with her kief box, and I with some papers, Giggling like school children, inhaling THC vapors. When from not far away there arose sound of bubbles I stumbled from bed to see what caused the trouble, Away in the shed I glimpsed smoke-filled light, As if Cheech and Chong had been toking all night I put my bong down, as worry turned to dismay And I wondered if my glazed eyes had led me astray, When, what to my curious nose should arrive But, a scent o’ so potent, which words can’t describe, With …

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SharpStone Grinder Review

About six months ago I bought myself a 5-piece SharpStone grinder from ebay user HippieKid23. At a reasonable price it came out to $29 with shipping. The grinder hasn’t jammed, required cleaning or even dulled since I received it. My last grinder was a noname brand I bought at a street vendor for $40 and was only four pieces and the kief catcher caught more than just kief. What I liked instantly about the SharpStone grinder was that the bottom kief catcher had smaller metal woven netting so it caught only the finest kief (the strong sh!t). The quality of the grinder is very exceptional ALTHOUGH I have found pieces of the metal woven netting in my ground up bud on occasion. The pieces I found weren’t broken, but overhanging pieces that weren’t taken off properly in the assembly of it. That is my only complaint on the entire product. …

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