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EZ Wider Wild Berry Review

EZ Wider Wild Berry 32 Leaves $1.50/pack Pro: Easy to roll with!! Cons: Really, where’s the party? – flavoring is lame. Short size not my cup of tea. Harsh, unclean burn. EZ Wider: Undoubtedly the most well-known cigarette rolling paper (with only Bambu rivaling at a close second).  But there are inherent downsides to such fame.  Being the most commercialized (found in 4 out of 5 convenience stores) has done nothing for this paper’s burn quality. EZ Wider’s popularity definitely stems from its ease of roll.  And EZ Wider’s Wild Berry addition does not disappoint in this department.  This is one of the most forgiving papers on the market in terms of rolling. As such, its perfect for rolling newbs due to the durability, thicker leaf, and overall feel of the paper.  One complaint is the 1.25 size, labeled on the packaging as “French Size.”  I’m warning you now that …

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EZ-Widers Review

EZ-Widers Double Wide $1.50 per pack 33 leaves Pros: Good to learn with Cons: Too wide, harsh smoke, lots of paper ATTENTION all n00bs, these are the papers for you.  If you haven’t mastered the part of rolling where you tuck the paper under and create a cylinder, ez-widers have enough paper that you can roll it like a burrito, or a rug.  The final product will have three layers of paper and probably taste terrible, but hey, you’re learning. The main point of ez-widers is to be extra wide for rolling.  The problem with that is why would anyone want a rolling paper that was super thick and not very long?  There aren’t many other features that ez-widers feature.  The texture of the paper is satisfactory but not very strong, and the adhesive strip could be a little stickier.  Also since there is so much extra paper, it will …

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RAW Rolling Paper Review

The claim to fame is that it “Contains Natural Unbleached Fibers” and is “Vegan” to make matters all the more confusing for the average pot head.. or personal cigarette roller. . . especially when the definition for vegan is: A vegetarian who eats plant products only, especially one who uses no products derived from animals, as fur or leather. I was under the impression that all rolling papers were made of plant material only..  up until now. This product is made in Spain, and contains 32 sheets (standard quantity) of rolling papers per package. The adhesive is fairly strong and I would recommend only going over it with your tongue once in order to prevent taking off the adhesive sugars, and turning the sheet unusable. Do not moisten any other areas except for the adhesive as the paper can be torn very easily. Pros: Smooth taste, very clean and even …

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