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How to avoid buying a counterfeit bong

The reason behind my writing this article is because I too have accidentally purchased a counterfeit bong. Albeit a RooR bong and probably the most counterfeited brand of scientific glass at the time of writing this. But the point being is that IF I KNEW at the time I was making the purchase that I was not going to be receiving a real bong made by that manufacturer I definitely would not have purchased it. When you spend in excess of $250 on glass most of the time you do some research first, ask your friends, check forums and reviews first. But what happens when you get to the store and start talking to the sales person who leads you in the direction of purchasing a counterfeit product that they make a hefty amount of mark up from since they aren’t giving you the real thing. At first you think, …

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Things You Never Knew You Could Smoke Out of Like a Bowl or Bong

“You give a bunch of stoners some weed and nothing to smoke it out of and suddenly they all become engineers”   Fruits and vegetables taking on an entirely new purpose. Because you’d rather get your apple a day in than turn that into a bowl again. Banana bong is quite creative. Who knew you could turn a baby carrot into a one-hitter? Ever been so desperate you made a bowl out of a carrot and red pepper? (Cause reddit user an_otter has) A water melon weed bowl! A potato bowl is a little bit more original. “Don’t eat that easter bunny bro!! We could use that as a bowl!” said reddit user MuttonTheChops Sonofcar4 made this bowl out of pizza dough and then froze it. Aptly titled ‘the pizza shop now has a bowl’ A coconut bong, a grape vine bowl and a bowl made out of a cannabis plant stalk (smoking it’s …

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Snoop Dogg Approves of this Beer Bong

This nifty invention allows you to enjoy a beer and then take an entire hit.   Curious as to where you can get one? Check http://knockyourselfout.ca/ Crazy Canadians! Here are some New Yorkers taking the challenge and trying it out. Beer/Weed Bong: New Yorkers Try the Knockout ChallengeWatch this video on YouTube And for the Stoner Engineers reddit user outerexos posted his original prototypes all the way to the final retail product.

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illadelph 5-Hole Glass Spoon Bowl Review

Since 2002 illadelph has been making high quality glassware, and their 5-hole Spoon proves to be an attractive and durable smoking bowl.  For those not familiar with the company illadelph, they are known for producing high quality hand-made borosilicate glass water bongs in the United States. Every piece is handled personally by the company’s owner and inspected for any flaws before the name goes on the product.  In this review we will be looking at what separates the illadelph bowl from a typical bowl. For starters, the illadelph 5 hole spoon feels extremely sturdy. Illadelph distinguishes itself by keeping durability in mind. If you examine the glass joints you will notice special engineering techniques employed by them in an effort to make the piece most durable. I’ve broken my fair share of bowls and water bongs so when I picked up the illadelph 5 hole spoon I immediately knew it …

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Kush Clean Review – a glass cleaner for your bong

Always up to accepting a challenge, we came across a comment in one of our Bong Cleaning product reviews from a competing company who claimed their product was better. Being fair and unbiased, I couldn’t allow the comment to remain up when I haven’t tried the product. I said, “Send us a copy and if it’s true let us be the ones to prove it.” They accepted the challenge. This is the fair and unbiased Review of Kush Clean Glass Cleaner Dirtying a piece for testing is always the most fun part of our reviews; in this review we’re using a $400 glass water pipe that has some of the hardest-to-clean percolators that we’ve ever had the pleasure of dirtying. In the past we would normally use 99% alcohol and rock salt or Formula-420 to clean this and then a whole bunch of pipe cleaners to finish the biggest build …

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Magic Flight Launch Box (MFLB) Review

The Magic Flight Launch box, a portable vaporizer, has been around for a few years now and the manufacturer claims it is over a decade in development. This review culminates a months’ worth of testing the Magic Flight Launch Box, also referred to as MFLB. 421 Flavors is in no way related to Magic-Flight company and this review is based solely on our opinions and experience with the product. We hope you find value in our review of the Magic-Flight Launch Box. Here is everything that came with the Magic-Flight Launch box: 2 pc. Rechargeable AA NiMh Magic Flight (Glyph) Batteries Formulated to be best batteries for MFLB 1 pc. NiMh AA Battery Charger 48-page Manual 1 pc. Magic-Flight Cleaning Brush 1 pc. Glass draw Stem 2 pc. Black Battery Caps Black Screen Ring and Battery Foam Seal Black Tin lined with felt Lifetime functional warranty The Magic Flight Wood …

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Inoperable brain tumor shrinks with use of Rick simpson cannabis oil

Before and after MRI of brain tumor when treated with Cannabis Oil

Rick Simpson Hemp OilWatch this video on YouTube Kristina Marie was informed she had an inoperable brain tumor (glioblastoma, grade 2) when she was only twenty-three years old and was given five years to live. She rejected chemotherapy treatments and has been using Rick Simpson’s hemp oil as a form of treatment for nearly a year. According to her MRI scans, her brain tumor is shrinking. Take a look for yourself: Check out Kristina Marie’s YouTube channel for latest updates

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