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Guide to Identifying and Understanding “What is Good Weed?”

A lot of factors play a part in making the cannabis you consume enjoyable. This  guide will help you understand how cannabis works to help you become a better judge of what makes up “good weed” In order to understand how smoking weed gets you high, it’s important to know what chemical compounds make up the “high” one may experience while under the effects of cannabis. See the second page for the scientific explanations and terms. Here are the key characteristics of good pot from the range of how it smokes to how it looks: Looks- Green. Lime Green, Dark Green, Hues of Purple and even black, blue and pink can color the leaves. Colors that are exaggerated when the plant is exposed to cold weather during night time. These are all signs of good quality cannabis. White, yellow and brown are never good signs on the leaf. The shiny …

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The Government Grows Crappy Pot (video)

Fox Memphis goes to the National Institute of Marijuana Project and tours their ‘grow-op’. The doctor running the place notes that – On street level pricing of the government’s pot: “[the price] depends…  if people know it’s coming from here… very expensive.” and he knows this how? His pot is ground up into shake with gigantic twigs sticking out of it.  I’m actually more interested in the pot they’ve confiscated from growers around the US. Those zipped up bags look like they hold the best pot around.. Not the limp nugs growin’ in the Mississippi research facility *gag*. . . The good doctor also goes on to flash a picture of himself holding a THC suppository created by none other than.. himself. Which further mentioned is not very popular in the United States.. He can take that shit and stick it up his own ass. Wonder why nothing good has …

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