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Full Documentary: WHEN WE GROW

WHEN WE GROW… this is what we can do :  is a documentary by two young UK film makers set out to find the “root cause” of the marijuana prohibition. In this documentary they expose what big pharmaceuticals stand to lose by the legalization of cannabis. Definitely a good watch if you have a little less than an hour.       [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PSKJrgGqx_E]

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Why Marijuana should be legalized

Last I checked 48% of Americans have tried Pot, while 18 Million smoke up everyday.. Seems like the topic is getting a lot more attention than it has ever received. Time Magazine Says: . . .there is an enormous potential windfall in the taxation of marijuana. It is estimated that pot is the largest cash crop in California, with annual revenues approaching $14 billion. A 10% pot tax would yield $1.4 billion in California alone. And that’s probably a fraction of the revenues that would be available — and of the economic impact, with thousands of new jobs in agriculture, packaging, marketing and advertising. A veritable marijuana economic-stimulus package! Harvard Economist on why Marijuana should be legalized . . [ YouTube ] Seattle Police Chief Says Legalize Drugs . . [ YouTube ] Cop’s Say Legalize Drugs Check out this Documentary called The Union, it’s by far the most accurate, …

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