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Cannabis Oil Succesfully Used to Cure Skin Cancer (Video)

Cannabis Cures Skin Cancer Here’s a fully documented case of cannabis curing skin cancer. What’s sickening about this is that it has been known for years. Spread the word and vote in your respective states to legalize medical marijuana. Cannabis used in Skin Care.. soon to be cannabis cures for skin cancer Research into the skincare role of cannabis-like ingredient suggests the idea that marijuana cleanses the body and psyche may be more than just a pipe dream. Does Cannabis hold the special cure to skin cancer? I came across some interesting information back in 2008. Researchers from Hungary, Germany and the UK say the human body produces compounds that resemble the active ingredient in marijuana, THC. The body produces cannabinoids for protection. Not only are they similar but they also play an important role in the maintenance of good looking skin. “Just as THC is believed to protect the …

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