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Coolest Ways to Roll a Joint

Coolest Ways to Roll a Joint While some of these joints may not even seem smoke-able (but they are).. These are pictures of some of the coolest and most interesting ways I’ve seen on the Internet to roll a joint. In fact after they start to look more like crazy architecture created by the mad-stoner. That’s neither here nor there. Feel free to send our Twitter correspondent @420_Report all of your cool blunt and joint designs for our next update! These are some of the unique joint rolling methods that are sure to turn heads, if not spin them. Pictures and videos can be found toward the bottom of the page. How to Roll Weird Joints Rolling Styles: Regular Joint – This is the first type of joint you need to learn how to roll. The main idea here is to grind some weed, put it in some rolling paper (gum-side …

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Elements Ultra Thin Rice Papers Review

Elements Ultra Thin Rice Papers come with 50 papers per pack and are made of Sugar Gum.. With the claim that they burn ashless except for the “Sugar” which creates a very small amount of ash. How does it stack up against the competition? It’s fairly sturdy, very easy to roll with and is harsh on the throat when inhaled. It burns extremely quickly and unevenly when smoked outside so it’s one of my least favorite ways to smoke outside. The harshness of this paper was very agitating and I ended up spitting a lot.. Couldn’t inhale larger hits and made the decision I wouldn’t be buying Elements again. Give us your take on Elements Ultra Thin Rice Papers and drop a comment below:

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