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I Love Amsterdam Marijuana Coffeeshops – Day 2 After Cannabis Cup 2010

Cannabis Cup 2010 just finished so I had time to try all the weed voted best in the world of breeders and Amsterdam coffee shops. Some of the best weed I’m having here though was not entered into the cup. This one place I found has a consistent flow of the best weed in Amsterdam. The place is called Grey Area. It’s a small shop with different types of indicas, sativas and bio (hybrids).. Some weed strains created by breeders such as DNA Genetics, Serious Seeds and Reserva Privada. It made me think of a take out food place that only sold the best weed in the world. So far I’ve ordered Chocolope, Casey Jones (cannabis cup entry), LA Woman, Kali Mist, Grey (Area) Haze, and Simpsons Kush (the weed tastes fruity . Every single bud I got from them was so fresh that it left my hands sticky to …

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