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Twas’ The Night before 4/20

‘Twas the night before 4/ 20, when all through society Not a pothead was stirring, no reason for anxiety; The kush was all ground, and rolled with such care, For others may come, and I must be prepared; The stoners asleep all comfy on the couch, No cause for alarm, they probably passed out; And Mary with her kief box, and I with some papers, Giggling like school children, inhaling THC vapors. When from not far away there arose sound of bubbles I stumbled from bed to see what caused the trouble, Away in the shed I glimpsed smoke-filled light, As if Cheech and Chong had been toking all night I put my bong down, as worry turned to dismay And I wondered if my glazed eyes had led me astray, When, what to my curious nose should arrive But, a scent o’ so potent, which words can’t describe, With …

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